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HughesNet Internet

HughesNet is a high-speed satellite Internet service. With HughesNet satellite technology, you can stay connected no matter where you live.


What plan fits my lifestyle?


10 GB plan: The perfect plan for the single user or couple

20 GB plan: The best plan for a small family.

30 GB plan: The ideal plan for the connected household with multiple devices.

50 GB plan: The largest plan to keep the whole family connected.

All of our HughesNet plans have unlimited data with no hard data limits.

That means if you reach your data limit, you can still use the Internet at reduced speeds of 1 to 3 Mbps. You also have the option to purchase extra data, called Data Tokens.

Does HughesNet support gaming?

HughesNet service can support “turn-based” strategy games and apps like chess or Candy Crush. However, real-time, multi-player games like Destiny® and Overwatch® will not work with satellite Internet service. This is due to the half-second delay that occurs when your computer communicates with the satellite, making it difficult to maintain a continuous connection with the gaming server.