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Satellite Central Has You Covered
PLaymaker bundle
Ultimate Tailgating
Pay as you go
DISH is More Than TV.
Get the best value,
service, and technology wherever you travel.
Experience home anywhere, with DISH, you’ll experience the
award-winning user interface wherever the road takes you.
Take HD TV on Any Adventure
Fastest and Easiest Setup. No WiFi Required – Access Live TV Without Buffering
Only DISH lets you watch live HD TV in less than 15 minutes. From automatic signal finders to lightweight and portable designs, DISH takes the hassle out of setting up your entertainment.
Pay-As-You-Go Programming
Only pay for the months you use with our Pay-As-You-Go plan.
No credit check required.
Lowest-Priced Antennas
Only DISH offers award-winning, best-in-class products at the lowest prices.
HD Advantage
Get crystal-clear HD channels anywhere outdoors. DISH antennas support HD TV for a fraction of the cost of the competition.
Only DISH provides HD on all portable antennas.
Already a DISH Customer?
Add to your existing service for only $7 a month and get your home and outdoor TV in one bill!
With the purchase of a Wally or 211 receiver and DISH-compatible antenna. Minimum programming requirement may apply.
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